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  • Fangirl challenge → [5/10] tv shows: Orphan Black
    "There’s a light in all of us."

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    M e r l i n c a s t f e s t : BJ week
    Day 19: Favorite Moment in Merlin

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    GUYS, ITS THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST TIME MERLIN EVER AIRED IN THE UK BACK ON THE 20th SEPTEMBER 2008!!!!! Little did they know that from then on, that show will touch the lives of millions of people worldwide! The actors have gone so so far from then. Merlin was only the start for some of them and it’s opened up so many opportunities which they might of never had otherwise. I think today should be dedicated in thanking Merlin and all the people who contributed to it.

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    merlin/arthur + scenery + color porn - requested by icanseeyournipples!

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    orphan black meme | 5/7 funny moments

    "Okay, look, there was a fire at the Johanssen Ranch last night. Do you know anything about that?"

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    Orphan Black: Season 2 + yellow

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    You look like an old person that makes stupid decisions. 

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    Merlin Cast Fest
    Bradley James Week - Day 2 (Bradley and Twitter)

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 ▲ Merlin Cast Fest: Bradley James Week [x] →  Day one Bradley & Football

      Merlin Cast Fest: Bradley James Week [x]
    →  Day one Bradley & Football

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