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  • "She’s my sister, she would never hurt me.”

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    MERLIN Graphic Battle: louloubelly vs. jessieflower↳ Round 3: magic | one piece 500x700

    MERLIN Graphic Battle: louloubelly vs. jessieflower
    ↳ Round 3: magic | one piece 500x700

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    Mirror of Erised Merlin AU

    While Merlin is a Professor at Hogwarts, he visits Arthur every night, even if it is only an image of him in a mirror.

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    merlin au 

    Railway station woes

    - it has suddenly become cold I feel like an ice cube

    - I spilt my tea over my lap

    - my train is not here and won’t be for 25 mins

    - I am cold and bored

    - there are 2 creeping looking pigeons lurking to attack

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    The Fall: Colin Morgan lands lead role in the second series of award-winning BBC drama

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    On the Set of Testament of Youth, April 9th 2014 (Photos by Yavannauk)

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    Colin filming Testament of Youth in Oxford

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    Testament of Youth filming in Oxford on April 9th 2014.

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    Colin Morgan filming for Testament of youth - April 09, 2014

    all credit goes to Neverif

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